Perforated Pin Hole Roller Shutter

Perforated Pin Hole Roller Shutter has 3mm diameter holes perforated on the surface of the curtain.

Transparent Roller Shutter

Transparent has an approximate visibility of 67% and can be installed internally or externally.

Light Duty Roller Shutter

Light Duty Roller Shuttersare suitable residential and commercial industries where cost effective security is a major concern.

Fire Rated Roller Shutter

Designed and tested to be an extremely effective fire resistance barrier, to meet the ever stringent demands of BOMBA Malaysia and the architects.

High Speed PVC Roller Shutter

Open up your premises quickly with high speed doors; with opening speeds of up to 1.2m/sec there will be no more waiting around to get inside.

Repair Roller Shutter

We also provide reapir & services roller shutter for our customer.

We believe that want to be NO.1 in Roller Shutter Specialist @ Johor Bahru

ATTITUDE is everything AND as WE CARE.

We are team of the professionals who will build everything for you

We have more than 5 years experience on fabricate roller shutter product. We provide our experience and explain the most suitable for our customer. Our company also have provide after sales services for our product such as motor have 2 years warranty and roller shutter door for 1 years warranty.

Besides that, we always research latest technology for the roller shutter product. We want our cutomer have new experience and convenient on the product and services.

We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress.

Here is important that you state all your requirements and our team of engineers with a lot of experience will present you with the possible solution for your needs.

We provide all kinds of roller shutter product & Services.

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